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The website www.specspaw.com.pl uses cookies to provide you with services at the highest level, in a manner tailored to your individual needs. Using a website with cookies means that they will be stored on your end device.
The website www.specspaw.com.pl places cookies on the user's end device, with the User's permission, and also has access to them and collects only the information contained therein.
What are cookies?
Cookies (cookies) are IT data saved as small text files on the end device of the User of this website.
How are cookies used?
Cookies contain basic information about the name of the website, their unique number used to identify the browser from which the website was connected, and the storage time on the end device. They store the User's preferences regarding the display of the website. They collect anonymous statistical data on visits to the website (e.g. Google Analytics). This enables, among others optimization and better adjustment of the website to the User's needs.
You can change your storage settings at any time or disable cookies in your browser or end device. However, disabling cookies in your browser may cause the website to malfunction or even prevent its proper use.
The website uses two types of cookies.
1. Temporary (session). Used and stored on the User's device until the web browser is turned off or until logging out of the website.
2. Fixed. They are stored on the User's device for a specified period of time, which is set in the cookie file.
Użytkownik może w każdej chwili ręcznie usunąć wszystkie lub wybrane pliki cookies.

Użytkownik może w każdej chwili dokonać zmiany ustawień swojej przeglądarki, tak aby zablokować obsługę plików cookies lub każdorazowo uzyskiwać informacje o ich umieszczeniu w swoim urządzeniu.